Thursday, November 28, 2013

Plate & Locate and Rebo look to the future

Ed, Alex and the Rebo team have been in exciting talks this week to launch a new product range.

 Rebo and Plate and Locate look forward to an exciting future.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rebo Systems Holland Visit

Director Ed and new sales appointment Alex are heading over to Holland next week continuing the exciting expansion plans that lie ahead for Plate and Locate. We will be back later next week with more exciting news from Holland and Rebo systems.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Alex Welcome

Plate and Locate welcome on board recent graduate Alex Brees to join the team in a recent expansion plan. The new plan involves a range of new products and services which Alex will be helping us with. We wish him all the best!

Along with the introduction of Alex we have added to our media strategy by signing up to LinkedIn. Check out our latest products and services on LinkedIn by clicking on the Logo below.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Plate and Locate's modern move

Our new interactive homepage.

With the ever increasing development of interactive websites and media marketing Plate and Locate have decided to follow suit with a new, informative yet eye catching website. The website offers a bundle of information on our products along with clear images and examples of successful collaborations that have been built over the 30 years of plate and locate leading the industry.

We promise you wont be disappointed!

Take a look now by clicking the link below:

Along with our new website we have also been busy creating our own link and link pages to keep you up to date with our newest products and latest goings on, all at the tip of your fingers. Click the Logos to take a look, and feel free to like and connect with us!

Installation Services.

Associated with Plate and Locate is our outstanding installation and engineering service led by our experienced installation engineering supervisor Harry!

Harry leads a team of installation engineers who have undergone extensive fire safety training, risk assessment methodology, dynamic risk assessment training and have an implementation occupational safety and health qualifications, including Safety Passports.

We know that our customers at times do not have the manpower available to label their plants. This is where Plate and Locate can help.

All our installation engineers have many years experience in this type of work and all have the required safety passports. They are able to work totally independently from the sites pipe and instrument drawings. With all our installation work guaranteed our clients know that this important work will be completed professionally, safely and in the minimum possible time.

Plate and Locate offer a complete installation service.