Friday, September 12, 2014

5S/Kaizen Lean manufacturing

5S & Kaizen Lean manufacturing systems take your interest? We have noticed a sharp increase in people looking to implement a more efficient workplace system. We can provide you with educational material and back it up with products to help implement a LEAN system.


For more information please call Alex on 01565 750147 or email
Have a lean weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Northern Manufacturing 2014/2015

We are exhibiting at Northern Manufacturing

Plate and Locate are the UK's number one company for the supply and installation of asset identification systems. This year we will be showing and demonstrating at Northern Manufacturing our new products that are a must for the modern Maintenance and Health and safety professionals.

Rebo - On-site labelling Machines

We will be demonstrating the Rebo on-site labelling machines. These machines are so easy to use and allow signs and labels to be made anywhere and at anytime.

Ideal for identifying assets, health and safety signs, valve and pipe marking and signs to educate on-site personnel.