Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Stop spray outs quickly using new PipeRep
PipeRep is a revolutionary new pipe repair system that's quick, easy to use and cost effective. Just one PipeRep kit contains all that's needed to produce a permanent and high quality pipe repair.

The multifunctional PipeRep can also be used for 'spray-out' protection, corrosion protection and even electrical protection up to 1600 volts.

 Check out our PipeRep demonstration below

The fibreglass cloth is impregnated with a water activated resin prior to packaging to allow for immediate use.
PipeRep sets in minutes and can resist temperatures of up to 240°C and 30 bar pressure.

For more details contact our sales team on info@plateandlocate.com

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Exhibition 2014: Maintec 11-13 March, NEC Birmingham.

Plate and Locate are the UK's number one company for the supply and installation of asset identification systems. This year we will be showing and demonstrating at Maintec 2014 our new products that are a must for the modern Maintenance professional.

Rebo - On-site labelling Machines

We will be demonstrating the Rebo on-site labelling machines. These machines are so easy to use and allow signs and labels to be made anywhere and at anytime.

Ideal for identifying assets, health and safety signs, valve and pipe marking and signs to educate on-site personnel.

Floor Marking

We will also be showing our new floor marking system by durastripe.
Easy to install, inexpensive and durable. Ideal for marking walkways, Safe area and 5S and 6 Sigma programs.

Protect Site personnel and Equipment

Plate and Locate will be showing our revolutionary Spray Control Tape.
See you all there !