Friday, January 31, 2014

Everlasting Water plates and clip in system

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Save time and Money by doing things properly!

The new innovative injection moulded plastic water plates and labelling system are at the cutting edge of labelling and hydrant marking.

The water plates are made from an injection moulded material known as Luran-S which will not fade, shrink, swell, crack or corrode. We are that confident in the weather resistant plate that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Add to the plate our ground breaking clip in number system, which allows information to be displayed and fitted on site which saves time and money. These clip in numbers are all encapsulated with injection moulded plastic, similar to the plates themselves to ensure their ample lifespan.


Friday, January 17, 2014

New Recycled post

Lightweight, sturdy, energy saving!
The new recycled post offers a lightweight compact solution to the unmanageable concrete post.

The new post weighs approximately 7kg compared to the concrete post weighing approximately 22kg.

This new lightweight design can cut installation costs as it can be manually handled by one person.

Did you know? that 30% of concrete posts will be broken in transit or before installation.

Do your bit and add to your company profile by using recycled material to help your business become more recognisable.

We custom make all recycled posts so we can tailor to your needs.


Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year Demonstrations

Happy new year Bloggers!

We hope you had a merry new year and are looking forward to a prosperous 2014, as we are here at Plate and Locate.

We have had a great response from our customers with regards to the new Rebo Printing Machines and the sales team are about to embark on a number of demonstrations throughout the UK.

Remember! These top of the range printing machines allow anyone to print anytime, anywhere. They come pre loaded with 1000's of graphics,are portable and are network and software ready.

We are delighted to have had interest from all over the UK and the demonstration diary is quickly filling up.

If you feel the printing machines are of interest and you would like to see these quality printing machines in action please do not hesitate to contact Alex and he will arrange a demonstration meeting for you.

Call Alex on: 01565 750147