Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Plate and Locates bespoke labelling

Bespoke label designed to withstand extreme environments 
We supply unique Identification of assets and equipment for the process industry from power stations to food processing and from pharmaceutical to petrochemical.

All you engineering/maintenance managers should have sophisticated maintenance management software for efficient running of your facility. This is where we come in!

This expensive software cannot be efficient if all the plants assets and equipment are not also correctly identified on site.

Plate and Locate are the UK's only company to offer the manufacture, supply and installation of labelling systems to correctly identify all on site equipment.

A stainless steel fixing for secure attachment to pipes
We use advanced engraving machines to manufacture engraved labels in various materials to suit the chemical and thermal environments on site.

Durable labels are no good unless they are fixed securely, so we offer a vast range of fixing systems as shown to the right, to make sure this critical information is secure on site for when it is needed.


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